Nanotechnology Conference-Global Edition

Conference Theme : Nanoscale Safety and Environmental Impact

Husam Abduldaem Mohammed

University of Baghdad, Iraq


Husam Abduldaem Mohammed obtained his BSc in Electronic and Communication Engineering (1996) and his MSc. in Laser Applications in Electronic and Communication Engineering (2001) from Baghdad University. In 2002, Mr. Husam joined the College of Engineering\ University of Baghdad upto now. He obtained his Ph. D. degree in Photonic Engineering field in the Department of Computer and Communication Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2018. Now, Husam is an Assistant Professor at the Electronic and Communication Engineering/ University of Baghdad.  His research interest is optical fiber communication systems, Visible Light Communications (VLC), LIFI, OCDMA, the Internet of things, embedded systems, sensor multiplexing techniques, nanomaterial-based sensors, and optical fiber gas networks.