Nanotechnology Conference-Global Edition

Conference Theme : Nanoscale Safety and Environmental Impact

Roya Dastjerdi

Yazd University, Iran


Roya Dastjerdi, PhD, Associate Professor, winner of national and international awards, has comprehensively worked on green biomimetic photocatalysis, green air, water, and wastewater purification, comprehensively engineered green and sustainable production techniques for mass production, advanced surface and bulk nano-biofunctionalization, sustainable multifunctional nanofunctionalizations, medical textiles, regenerative medicine, DDS, green, smart, bioactive and antibacterial polymers, nanocomposites, etc. She has successfully worked on the main fundamental challenges on different humanitarian aspects of smart nano-bio-engineered textiles. Her accomplishments offer pathways for many advances with remarkable potentiality to scale-up. She has also proposed 60+ published cutting-edge mechanisms guidelines and pathways (see Research excellence menu in her website  She has written one book in the field and recorded 20 national patents. She has been selected as one of the national elite and received more than 1000 international invitations from high-ranked scientific events, institutes, publications, and etc.

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