Nanotechnology Conference-Global Edition

Conference Theme : Nanoscale Safety and Environmental Impact

Mohd. Mubashshir Hasan Farooqi



Dr. Farooqi is an accomplished with extensive experience in Electronics Science, Electronics Engineering, and groundbreaking research on the Synthesis and Characterization of II-VI Nanomaterials for Optoelectronics Device Applications. With a proven track record in teaching, mentoring, and inspiring students, Dr. Farooqi has published multiple research papers in reputed international journals, widely cited globally for contributions to the field. Committed to staying abreast of the latest advancements, he integrates them seamlessly into teaching methodologies. As a results-driven individual, he is passionate about driving academic excellence and fostering a deep understanding of complex concepts.

Dr Farooqi’s research focuses on the synthesis and characterization of II-VI nanomaterials, particularly nanostructured ZnO in both powder and thin film forms. The investigation employs diverse methods to explore the structural, optical, and photoconductivity properties of these materials. The primary emphasis lies in understanding the intricacies of nanostructured ZnO powder and thin films, with the ultimate goal of advancing their applications in Photodetectors, solar cells, sensors, and other cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Farooqi’s work in photoconductivity measurements serves as a vital tool for studying semiconductor properties, where the photocurrent rise and decay reveal insights into the presence of traps in the mobility gap. This groundbreaking research contributes significantly to the field of nanotechnology and holds immense potential for the development of next-generation optoelectronic devices.

Dr. Farooqi is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in nanotechnology and is excited to share insights, collaborate, and learn from fellow experts at the upcoming International Nanotechnology Conference. He is committed to advancing the global discourse on semiconductor nanomaterials and thin film applications, contributing to the ongoing evolution of technology and its impact on various industries