Nanotechnology Conference-Global Edition

Conference Theme : Nanoscale Safety and Environmental Impact

J. Jobish

Rajarajeswari College of Engineering, India.


Dr. Jobish Johns is a distinguished Professor in the Department of Physics at Rajarajeswari College of Engineering in Bangalore, India. Alongside his role in India, he holds the esteemed position of Visiting Professor at the Department of Materials Science and Technology, Prince of Songkla University in Thailand. Dr. Johns embarked on his academic journey at Mangalore University, where he earned his doctoral degree in 2010. Following the completion of his PhD, he dedicated his expertise to the advancement of research as a Postdoctoral Associate at the Center of Excellence in Natural Rubber Technology within the Department of Rubber Technology and Polymer Science at Prince of Songkla University in Pattani, Thailand. Driven by a deep passion for his field, Dr. Johns focuses his research on several captivating areas. These include polymer blends, natural fibers, natural rubber-based nano-composites, and the modification of natural rubber molecules. His innovative work in the field of Rubber Technology involves the fabrication of diverse nano-composites for applications requiring high-performance elastomers. In the realm of polymer blends, Dr. Johns explores novel strategies for compatibilization, modification of blending, and morphology alteration. One of Dr. Johns notable contributions is the development of a ground breaking method for vulcanizing natural rubber using Glutaraldehyde. This breakthrough has revolutionized the field and opened up new possibilities for natural rubber applications. To disseminate his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Dr. Johns has authored nine textbooks and published 85 research articles in esteemed international journals. His contributions to academia and research have garnered widespread recognition, positioning him as a respected figure in the scientific community.